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Rent a jet ski


Our Jet Skis are located on the beach of Rauhalahti Holiday Centre’s campsite. You can get to Kallavesi straight away! You also have the opportunity to take the jet with you on our trailer.

Sea-doo spark Jet Skis are extremely fun and fuel-efficient. These Jet Skis are very suitable for just having fun, but also for longer trips (their fuel consumption is just 7.5 liters per hour). The rental always includes a high-quality life jacket, wetsuit, guidance and safety instructions.

We offer you well-maintained and reliable Jet Skis. We want to ensure, that renting is easy and flexible. We can also deliver the jets to a location of your choosing.

The price always includes a top-class Jet Ski trailer for transferring the Jet.


  • For a 20 € extra fee we deliver the Jet Ski to a location of your choosing near Kuopio (1-20 km)
  • The fuel used is 98 E
  • The customer is responsible for any damages to the rented equipment occurred in situations that the customer has caused
  • The allowed blood alcohol level is 0
  • The customer must have an official identification
  • If you want to ensure in advance that you can get a Jet Ski / Jet Skis on a particular day, we charge you a 100 € booking fee. The booking fee is part of the rental price. The booking fee is not refundable.

Why rent a Jet Ski from us?

From us you can always get a well-maintained Jet Ski on a very competitive price. Doing business with us is easy, and our service is always both high-quality and flexible. You can easily take our Jet Ski with you to wherever you are going. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Jet Ski with you for a weekend on the summer house!

High-quality life jackets are an important part of our service. They protect your ribs and chest on possible accidents!



1h 90€
2h 130€
3h 150€
4h 170€
5h 190€
8h 240€ (9.00-17.00)
24h 290€ (9.00-8.00, 23h)
In practice:
-24h = Monday 9.00-Tuesday 8.00

We are open 9.00-22.00
Longer rentals or multiple Jet Skis are negotiated separately. Ask for an offer!

The prices include a 24% Value-added tax


  • Guidance to using the Jet and to possible problems
  • Driving Gear on request, a wetsuit
  • Unlimited mileage